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Why the New Moon worship day is Important to Christians : The Bible Month, Mentioned in the new earth, Health, Bible Prophecy, The general Christian worship day, Easter and Christmas. Work problems.

Christianity's Forgotten Day of Worship: The New Moon worship Day. Why has this day been forgotten?

Answers to Objections: Here are the answers to the general objections that people raise why Christians should not keep the New Moon worship day. This is it!

Are Christians obligated or commanded to keep the New Moon worship day?: Is there a command in the New Testament to keep the day?

TNMWD: Which One?: You may be surprised to know that there are actually quite a few different methods people use to determine the day of the new moon. If you are interested in this day chances are you are using one of these methods. And Yoga gets a mention. More info below.

Sabbath Day or Worship Day? Is the general Bible NT New Moon worship day a sabbath rest day? Or is it something else?

The Reason for Chodesh: The New Moon Worship Day Just why are there two worship days anyway? Why two? Isn't one enough?

The Search for Chodesh This is my search for the New Moon worship day. Just what and where is it?

Finding the historical crucifixion date: This is the groundbreaking study which actually defined the future direction of the NT Bible Model! Finding the crucifixion date using various new moon models shows which one is most likely to be correct.
See very important note below.

Chodesh Queries: Does the Sun orbit the Earth? Does the New Moon worship day start at the conjunction? Will the New Moon worship days fall on a seventh-day in the new earth? The lunar sabbath theory. Should the OT feasts be kept? And Stephen's fascinating science experiment to suspend the Earth!

The NT Bible Model: just what is it? This is our general model for determining New Moon worship days according to the Bible with a New Testament view.

The International Date Line: Keeping a worship day on a round world.

Worship Day Date Line: our proposed date line for keeping the New Moon Worship Day. Actually should work for any Bible-based worship day.

Calendar: current proposed calendar dates for the New Moon worship day using the NT Bible Model.

Calendar Archive: archive for calendar years we have constructed for the New Moon worship day using the NT Bible Model.
Stephen's Moon Information This is a compilation of interesting facts or information about the moon that I found on my walk to chodesh.

timeanddate.com Find moon phase times and sunset times for your location.

Software that perhaps may be useful:
Moonphase: Looks very nice but states error to +/- 1 day.

gSky Digest Gives moon phases plus a lot of other interesting stuff. I probably use this more for sunset times.

Note: The New Moon Worship Day as constructed according to the NT Bible model is a little different to the general Jewish new moon day. Both in construction and reason. As an approximation, the NT Bible model should follow the waxing crescent more closely than the Jewish calendar which does not allow for the erratic travel of the moon. Nevertheless the following links should be very informative.


Some information:
aish.com rosh chodesh
www.jewfaq.org Judaism 101
Interesting page showing the Jewish calendar does not exactly follow the lunar months.

Fun Stuff
Though I believe the new moon worship day is for both genders, there does appear to be some sort of strong link with women. And interestingly, the Jews take the view it is a special day, or holiday, for women! Here's some fun links that show their view:
Rosh Chodesh - A Special Holiday for Women
Rosh Chodesh has long been considered a special holiday for women. There are a number of reasons ...
Why is Rosh Chodesh Considered a "Women's Holiday"?
Women and Rosh Chodesh
It's a Girl Thing
Celebrating the new moon has special significance for women.
Rosh Chodesh has long been recognized as a women's holiday.
Why do women merit a special holiday once a month?

And then there's this one...
Traditionally, the entire Song of Songs is sung during Pesach. We start practicing on Rosh Chodesh Nisan.
[that's hit it dead on!--at least for each New Moon worship day!!
This page also says to bring "Musical instruments: bells, drums, flutes, whistles, tambourines, sticks, scrapers, rattles, kitchen pots; large bowl of water; writing paper; empty coffee can; and matches."
Not sure about the matches, but hey--this sounds like fun!]

Should Christians Practice Yoga? This bounces out of our TNMWD:Which One? page above. Believe it or not Yoga groups observe the new moon! Some believe that yoga activities should be avoided on the new moon. And the majority believe the new moon should be celebrated with special yoga poses and sequences. So whichever path yoga devotees take, they are actually partaking in some form of new moon observance. I stumbled across this constructing the Which One? page above. But here amended with a lot of interesting information added as it's own stand-alone page. And a real fun read! Enjoy.


the new moon, the day of the new moon, the calends of a lunar month which was a festival of the ancient Hebrews. (2) a lunar month, beginning at the new moon.
William Gesenius' Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament. Edited by Francis Brown, S.R.Driver, and Charles A. Briggs.

new moon, month. 1. new moon = day, time, of new moon, as religious festival. 2. month (as beginning with new moon, lunar month; …
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament Scriptures.

2320. chodesh, kho'-desh; from 2318; the new moon; by impl. a month:--month(-ly), new moon.
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible.

The length of the synodic month changes through the year and the Jewish calendar does not allow for this and can actually get a little out of step. In fact, it got completely out of step in 2013.*

Anyway, the Jews are aware of these length discrepancies and readily admit them:

The Jewish Calendar: A Closer Look
Note that the calculated molad does not necessarily correspond precisely to the astronomical new moon. The length of time from one astronomical new moon to the next varies somewhat because of the eccentric orbits of the Earth and Moon; however, the moladot of Rabbi Hillel's calendar are set using a fixed average length of time: 29 days, 12 hours, and 793 "parts" (or in Hebrew, chalakim). The amount of time is commonly written in an abbreviated form: 29d 12h 793p.

The NT Bible Model does not have this problem. The NT Bible model approach uses a numerical value to follow the astronomical new moon date. As the synodic month length changes through the year the position for the new moon worship day adjusts accordingly.

* See the PostScript section at the end of my Search page.

A very important note

Late 2014 a search was undertaken using different new moon models to find the crucifixion date. 4 years were tried and a Friday date was obtained using the Waxing Crescent approach. A Friday date was also obtained with the Beginning of the Dark Phase approach. But with the weight of historical quotes supporting the Waxing Crescent, and given that we did find a Friday date using it, the safest conclusion to draw is clearly that it is the better choice of the methods.

So the results of this search were twofold. We obtained a very likely date for the crucifixion of Christ. And we determined that the most likely new moon worship day of the Bible is the waxing crescent.

Bible texts:
Revised Standard Version, unless otherwise referenced;
Complete Jewish Bible
Good News Bible
English Standard Version

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Using the 2012 and 2015 Gallup International poll results for the demographics of atheism suggests that 107 Million Atheists are now missing. Where did they go?

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