Here are some Church Acknowledgements about Sunday quotations paraphrased from various Church writings:

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NUMBER 1: The Church acknowledges that it changed the Sabbath of the Bible from Saturday to Sunday.

Question: Which day is the seventh-day sabbath?

Answer: The seventh-day sabbath is actually Saturday.

Question: So why do we keep Sunday instead of Saturday?

Answer: We keep Sunday because by its authority our Church actually shifted the sanctity from Saturday to Sunday.
From an elementary book summarising the church's principles of religion.

For over one thousand years the Church by its moral excellence and under inspiration of God transferred the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. And this before there were any of those protesters. As a result, the Sabbath day kept by Christians in general is really the progeny of the Church. And our Church claims this as the true marriage partner of the Spirit of God. Further these troublesome protesters complain about a lot of things but on this point they are silent!
From an editorial in a church magazine.

The sacred establishment of a rest day from secular activities including work and to be used as a day for worship, and by the official permission of the Church shifted from the seventh day as the last day of the week, to Sunday the first day of the week, … clearly reveals that as a people we are Christians.
From a church booklet.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NUMBER 2: Church dignitaries acknowledge that there is no scriptural foundation for replacing God's Sabbath with Sunday.

There is no statement to be found in the Bible that there should be a change in worship from Saturday to Sunday.
From a church booklet.

The Bible may be read from Genesis to Revelation and not one line of scripture will be found that gives authority for the holy rendering of Sunday. The keeping of Saturday religiously is strictly compelled by the Scriptures but this is a day which we have never declared to be holy.
From a church booklet.

It cannot be found anywhere in the Bible that there was a command from the Apostles or Christ for a transformation in the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. We know that Moses was given an order from God for the holy observance of the Sabbath day and that this is Saturday the seventh day of the week. Most Christians observe Sunday at the present time since the Church has made this known to us externally to the Bible.
From a church magazine.

Question: Do you have a different means of providing evidence that the Church has the authority to create religious festivals?

Answer: If she did not have this authority, it would not have been possible for her to do that for which all contemporary religious persons accept; … she could not have exchanged the keeping of the first day of the week, Sunday, for the keeping of the seventh day, Saturday, a modification for which no command of Scripture can be found.
From an elementary book summarising the church's principles of religion.

If you obey the Bible exclusively then the facts of the matter are simply that you are bound to observe Saturday as sacred. And this because it is the day which has been particularly commanded by our Omnipotent God to be observed as sacred to the Creator.
From a church magazine.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NUMBER 3: Those who protest and observe Sunday as a sacred day render obeisance to the Church, because it was the Church that actually transformed Sunday into a sacred day.

Those who protest may ask: How is it possible for us to accept the doctrines of a Church that is unfaithful in religious matters? How indeed may we ask that you protesters have actually received her doctrines for your whole life and in blatant contradiction to your generally approved authority, the Holy Scriptures, on this Worship Day matter?
From a church magazine.

If those who protest would only but abide by the Holy Scriptures, then they would actually show devotion to God on the seventh-day Sabbath. But in the observance of Sunday they are actually following the command of the Church.
From a letter correspondence between church dignitaries.

By the command of Jesus Christ the Church has changed the Sabbath rest day to Sunday. And this was done in memory of the Lord's resurrection. Therefore the keeping of Sunday by those who protest is actually an obeisance they render to the controlling power of the Church. And this they do to their own doctrinal detriment.
From a church booklet.

Those who protest, in rejecting the sovereignty of the Church, do not have any valid explanation for their Sunday hypothesis. As a result they should rationally observe Saturday as the true Sabbath day.
From a church magazine.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NUMBER 4: Church dignitaries assert that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is the only notable religious organization among those who protest observing sacredly the correct sabbath of the Bible.

The Church transferred the keeping of the Bible Sabbath to the first day Sunday by entitlement due to the Godly inerrant sovereignty granted to her by Christ Jesus her Founder. Those who protest, asserting the Bible as the only authority in religious matters, do not have any endorsement for the keeping of Sunday. The only protesters who are unchanging on this subject appear to be the Seventh Day Adventists.
From a church bulletin.

Jews esteem the sovereignty of the Old Testament exclusively, and Christian [Seventh-day] Adventists acknowledge the New Testament along with the Old as a Book of divine origin. They ascertain that the Holy Scriptures, their instructor, is uniform in both Old and New Testaments, that the Saviour, at no time while living His earthly life, observed a different weekly worship day other than Saturday. This concept is simply accentuated by the four Gospels, while the Acts, Epistles, and Revelation give not a single hint of a command negating the Saturday convention.
From a church magazine.

What command is there from the Bible for transferring the Sabbath from the seventh day to the first day of the week?

Who gave the Church Leader the power to alter what God has commanded?

If the Christian is to be instructed by the Bible exclusively, then Seventh Day Adventists are correct in keeping Saturday along with the Jews.
From a church booklet.

All above quotations paraphrased from various church writings.

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