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The Boat That Wouldn't Burn!
The Building that Moved
Ben Carson's Dream
The Bushman's Story
The Mysterious Rider on PG-16
The Day the Banks Crashed
The Man Who Died Twice
From Evolutionist to Creationist The incredible testimony of a former university evolution lecturer. But see Controversial section below.
Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels Incredible. Really good—especially if you are having some Bart Ehrman problems. [see Possibly Offensive section below]


UFOs THE ANSWER! Flying Saucers Ufonauts Extraterrestrials Space Aliens
UPDATED AND EXPANDED July 2011. More John Keel quotes. Translation update to RSV. Some small cosmetic changes in text. Completely new POSTSCRIPT section added.
Feb 2012: Translation update to NRSV.
  • Just what is the REAL story behind UFOs? Why do ghosts and strange phenomenon keep cropping up together with UFO activities?
  • UFO entities' hidden agenda for Earth finally revealed! Hidden in some UFO communications a message has been found that reveals their true hidden agenda for the Earth planet!
John Keel's UFOs: OPERATION TROJAN HORSE: some gems Here are some real gems from John Keel's book UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse.
UFO ALIENS and DEMONOLOGY A challenge for those who want to believe in the UFO extraterrestrial theory. View these images and deny any relationship between demonology and space aliens!

The Paul movie—a puzzling review—Why is this movie anti-religion and pro-Evolution? Actual UFO communications do not support the sentiments promulgated in this movie!
Do the Dead Speak?—many people, some Christians included, believe that it is possible to communicate with the dead. Is it really possible? Here are the answers!
Christ Alive and Well in London—An investigation of the claim that Christ has been sighted alive and well in London.
God's Sanctuary—Did you know that God has a sanctuary? Ancient mysterious prophecies reveal an amazing story of how the Sanctuary of God is vitally important to the end-time events of this world's history!
The Seven Day Week in Bible Prophecy—Where did the week come from? Why does it have seven days? Also what can we expect to happen at the end of time?
The Christian SABBATH A study investigating if there is a weekly day of worship for Christians; and a comparison of the Christian Sabbath, The Lord's Day in the New Testament with the Jewish Sabbath in the Old Testament.
The Lunar Sabbath There are a few groups that claim the Christian rest day should be regulated by the lunar month and not necessarily follow a rigid 7-day cycle. Trying to follow the construction of the calendar in Old Testament times they use the new moon to start each lunar month. But unlike the Jews they are all over the place: using a dark moon, a waxing crescent moon [like the Jews], and even the full moon! And this list may not be exhaustive. Similarly for day constructs: sunset, not at sunset, dawn, night time and so on. Some groups believe the Sun orbits the Earth, some don't. Same for the Earth being a flat circular plate. And the calendar they use appears to be very similar to the original Babylonian lunar rest-day calendar. A very curious situation and very novel read. Indeed.
Communications—something different! Some interesting e-mails have come in; the replies have also covered some areas that are interesting. Time permitting will add to this. May not have time to reply to individual queries so this page may fill that need.


SUNDAY NOT IN THE NEW TESTAMENT!—Well this is a disaster. Mainly for those who want to use any verses from the New Testament to support keeping Sunday, the first day of the week. A study of the Greek texts in the New Testament shows that ALL the verses mentioning the “first day of the week” or “Sunday” have been mistranslated. This study gives the correct translation. Nearly makes obsolete the study "Which DAY Should Christians Keep?" However there is a wealth of information there about the correct day of worship to make it still a very good and very important read!
The Seven Day Week in Bible Prophecy—Where did the week come from? Why does it have seven days? Also what can we expect to happen at the end of time?
The Christian SABBATH A study investigating if there is a weekly day of worship for Christians; and a comparison of the Christian Sabbath, The Lord's Day in the New Testament with the Jewish Sabbath in the Old Testament.
Which DAY Should Christians Keep?—This study looks at which day is the correct day for Christians to worship on. Part outdated due to new studies above. But there is a wealth of information here about the correct day of worship to make this still a very good and very important read!!
The Law of God versus the Law of Moses—Some claim that the law was finished or done away with at the cross and we are now free in Christ Jesus. Yes, there was a law done away with but many will be surprised to find out that the Bible mentions 2 laws—here they are compared.
Which Day is the Seventh-day Sabbath?—verses arranged in a table setting showing very clearly just which Day is the Seventh day Sabbath.
What the CHURCHES say about the SABBATH—quotations from various churches etc about the Seventh day Sabbath.
THE LAW OF GODPicture; Text
Church Acknowledgements About Sunday
It's Jewish—this is a poem; I'm not sure exactly where I got it from, but part of it appeared in Signs of the Times, August, 1976, p. 4.
Was Christ Crucified on Wednesday?—Did Christ die on Wednesday or Friday? Some people believe that the crucifixion took place on Wednesday—after all, Jesus was in the tomb three days and three nights, wasn’t He? Here are the answers!
The Heart of God—Alternative title: God's Heart. Curious study showing the earthly sanctuary in the Old Testament was symbolic of the Heart of God.
Finding the historical crucifixion date— A very fascinating study looking for the Friday crucifixion date in some possible years that may yield a solution. Approach uses a couple of different new moon worship days that the Jews would have used to construct their calendar. Results give a date and suggest which new moon approach is most likely to be correct. An interesting study with two outcomes.
From Evolutionist to Creationist The incredible testimony of a former university evolution lecturer. Climaxes with his mentioning of leading an evolutionary discussion group with post graduate students at his university in a hall with all staff present. He started his lecture and then highlighted every single problem in the gene system as far as he had sorted it out and closed with the comment "Therefore Evolution is not possible!"
An extremely powerful and controversial presentation but sadly not convincing to many atheists.
This is not a proof. It is a testimony.
Nevertheless, this is a very wonderful and powerful presentation and anyone puzzling over Creation and Evolution should find this very interesting and definitely worth viewing.
It may not answer your questions. And then again, it just might!


The Christian and Alcohol—Some Christians maintain that “drinking in moderation” is not harmful, and that abstinence is not a Biblical principle. Is this view correct?
The Bible and Booze—An Old Testament scholar looks at what the Bible says about drinking alcohol.


Should Christians Practice Yoga? A real hot potato as there are many Christians who practice Yoga. A recent study showed a very curious observance of the new moon by some Yoga groups which actually brings to light a very fascinating dimension to Yoga that not many people would be aware of.

Curious Questions and Answers —I ran across these completely by accident. Struck me as quite humourous and very interesting and funny. And it shouldn't be a sin for Christians to find some things humourous! However, if you're easily offended by anything you probably shouldn't open this page.

Text Test Grump Page —Once again my response didn't match the words. And more time was wasted trying to read garbled text and get the letters correct! Anyone else had this problem? This is my grump page response. Enjoy!

Movie 43 my review—This is my review of Movie 43 as it appears on the IMDb site. It's quite short but it contains some very interesting information about the movie that I have not read anywhere else. Enjoy!

Scientists discover that atheists might not exist! Cognitive scientists are becoming increasingly aware that a metaphysical outlook may be so deeply ingrained in human thought processes that it cannot be expunged.

MISSING: 107 Million Atheists! Where did they go?
Using the 2012 and 2015 Gallup International poll results for the demographics of atheism suggests that 107 Million Atheists are now missing. Where did they go?

Bart Ehrman: Lost Scriptures, Lost Christianities. The dust jacket for these books state Bart Ehrman chairs the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [as of 2003]. Obviously a very controversial person! The book on "lost" "Christianities" champions the view that the books that did not make it into the New Testament actually were representative of various forms of "Christianity" that were competing in the first few centuries and that the current view of Christianity that we now have is the one that won the battle.

A very interesting read but when you actually look at the books he is championing it is pretty obvious that the bulk are gnostic or full of mystical views or if I dare say it, strange sexual views, that are not supported by the Bible. In short, his supposition really stretches the imagination.

I have a copy of both of these books as they form a companion set. I would not recommend the Lost Christianities book except as a really novel read but not to be taken seriously. However, the other book that Bart has put together is a very fascinating look at these books [completely translated where possible]. Not really "Lost" "Scriptures" but a good compilation of the actual books that did not make it into the New Testament. And as such a reasonable source book for a Christian to have to refer to whenever needing to discuss any of these "Lost" "Scriptures" with other believers or non-believers.

JW stuff

Being True to Jehovah There are many information sites for people struggling with the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society but a small number of these sites are anti-God, anti-Bible, or anti-Christian. This page is an attempt to resolve this problem by giving a list of sites with some sort of safety rating with respect to the Bible, Christianity, and the true Jehovah of the Bible.

Rated Sites for JWs searching for the truth about the WBTS
This is my list of rated sites for Jehovah's Witnesses who are searching for the truth about the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. More information about how and why this list was constructed can be found on my Being True to Jehovah page. Same list as on my BTJ page but here as their own stand-alone page.

Approved sites for JWs searching for the truth about the WBTS
A small number of anti-JW information sites are atheistic, or anti-God, or anti-Bible. But there are actually many that do not have an anti-God or anti-Bible agenda. And some even have a positive bias. Here's a list of the good ones that I have found.

Sites to Avoid for JWs searching for the truth about the WBTS
Though there are many anti-JW information sites that are supportive of God, the Bible, and Christianity, there is a small number that are atheistic, or anti-God, or anti-Bible. Here's a list of the negative ones that I have found. Avoid.


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