2014 proposed New Moon worship days according to the NT Bible Model

From late 2011 through 2014 the NT Bible Model was used to approximate new moon worship days according to the beginning of the dark phase of the moon. From 2015 the model will be used for the waxing crescent instead.

To find the waxing crescent NT Bible Model approximation add exactly 3 days to the dates in the final column in the following table. As from 2015 this information will built into each table.

Note that the first entry is blank as the beginning of the dark phase approach landed in December of the previous year. The waxing crescent approximation will be in January and we find it as follows: numerical 3 Jan 1:14am giving January 3. The Jewish calendar gave January 2.

New Moon Worship days for 2014 using the NT Bible Model

Synodic month table for 2014

The average given here is only for these values in 2014. The range appears to be about 5 hours and 40 minutes.
Note: the synodic month being shorter than most calendar months can fall inside a month. For 2014 this happens twice! Two astronomical new moons in January and March. Hence Jan-Jan and Mar-Mar on the above table left side and on the following graph month axis.

Synodic month period graph for 2014

This does not flow over this year [2014] to the NT Bible model new moon worship days. Being 1.5 days before each astronomical new moon just moves these dates so that no two separate worship days occur in the same month.* This may not be the case with the waxing crescent approximation. There is no ulterior motive here. Having two separate worship days in the same calendar month is more a novel occurrence than anything to worry about!
* This may not be the case with the waxing crescent approximation.

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