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A Worship Day Date Line

The following map shows our current proposed Worship Day Date Line.

Worship Day Date Line

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The WDDL follows the 169° West Meridian from the North Pole south to meet the IDL in Bering Strait. It then follows the IDL bending between Russia and Alaska and follows the IDL as it bends again from the Aleutian Islands but continues on a curvilinear path south eastward through the Pacific Ocean till it reaches the 120° West Meridian approximately half way between French Polynesia and Easter Island. From here the WDDL follows the 120° West Meridian to the South Pole.


For parts of its length, the IDL follows the meridian of 180° longitude, roughly down the middle of the Pacific Ocean. To avoid crossing nations internally it deviates around the far east of Russia and around various island groups in the Pacific.

There appears to be some support for this approach in the Bible where the middle of a sea can be used as a boundary. As God's people dispersed around the world there would have to be somewhere a demarcation point for any worship day based in the Bible lands.

The Slonimski Meridian Line which the Jews use occurs at 145° West and runs through the middle of the Pacific Ocean but also cuts through a large part of Alaska and straight through the middle of French Polynesia. The attempt of the International Date Line to circumnavigate populated regions would be more in line with the Bible.

Also a Bible-based worship day begins and ends at sunset. Investigation of sunset paths on a rectangular world map shows various lines that are not straight or vertical. Following this approach the above Worship Day Date Line has been constructed. More information about how this was pieced together can be found on our page about the International Date Line.

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Isaiah 66:22, 23

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