The Paul movie—a puzzling review

Why is this movie anti-religion and pro-Evolution?

Author: stephen7455 from Australia
6 June 2014

This is a pretty good question.
Actual UFO communications do not support the sentiments promulgated in this movie:

The Creator has sent people from outer space to guide Earthmen as they free themselves from darkness and bondage. These spacemen, in the name of the Infinite Father, will raise up men with eyes to see and ears to hear. This message is therefore proclaimed to all the inhabitants of the Earth. George Williamson, Other Tongues—Other Flesh, p.129.

and a smattering of some loose religious sentiments from this same book:

Watch ... the sorrows of Earth ... the Father's authority ... His will ... worry not ... serve the Infinite Father. Pity ... love ... pray ... for they know not what they do ... OTOF, p.516.

George Williamson's book is loaded with UFO communications. And the above quotations show very clearly that not only are the UFO entities very religious, but that they believe in a supreme being who created the universe. However they do hold a curious view of Evolution.

Their concept of Evolution appears to be a bit of a fruit salad:

Evolution is a fact, but does not, however, as so many assume, teach that man is descended from an ape or monkey. OTOF, p.242.
Man, therefore, came from races of angels mixed with beasts, ... OTOF, p.244.

The UFO entities and the space people clearly do not believe in the evolution of mankind as such. They do appear to believe in some form of evolution of life from the Creation but not of mankind.
Note: the Orion Confederation view is more in line with the religious group we support.

And if the UFO entities actually believe that man did not evolve but had to be brought into existence by the interaction of angels then this is a completely different view to the general concept of evolution.

Image:Saucer This movie is so messed up!!

So why the muddled views in the Paul movie?

"Numerous scenes throughout the film deal with the controversy of Darwin and Evolution vs. Religion and Creationism, with the character of Paul the alien being the proverbial 'fly-in-the-ointment' of conservative Judeo-Christian doctrine. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, who are atheists, have alluded in BBC Radio interviews they had wished to delve deeper into the controversy but cut several scenes short in favour of flow and timing on film."

It appears that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost may very well be barking up the proverbial wrong tree with respect to their spiritual views and the UFO phenomenon.

The movie should be viewed as entertainment, and not the truth. After all, these are the guys who gave us Shaun of the Dead. You should not be expecting a documentary with actual facts about these sorts of things.

And if Simon and Nick want to delve deeper into this sort of controversy they may very well have to change their spiritual outlook a little!

The low rating I am giving this movie is purely for the very questionable and inaccurate sentiments put forward in this comedy movie about space aliens and UFOs. And sure, for a comedy about UFOs and space aliens we would ordinarily not be worried about dead accurate information.

But when the bulk of this comedy is at the expense of some people's religious beliefs and which also flies directly in the face of actual UFO communications then you have to start asking yourself just what is really going on here? Especially when the majority of people with strong religious views find this movie highly offensive and very unfunny, accuracy in these sorts of matters does become quite important!

It is a curious thought to consider just how this movie may have turned out if Simon and Nick had been more aware of just how wrong they were in their understanding of the actual beliefs of the UFO entities and the space people. This movie would have taken a completely different direction!

And some final thoughts on all of this...

The above UFO communications are authentic. George Hunt Williamson received the majority of his communications for his book from these UFO entities through the use of a ouija-board. See Wikipedia. That should give some clue as to the actual identity of these so-called UFO entities. Nevertheless the communications can be accepted as authentic from them and show that these UFO entities actually believe in a supreme being who created the universe.

So the only atheists in the entire universe live on this planet. Watching this movie. Mocking Christians who believe in God. While the actual UFO entities portrayed in this movie really do believe in a supreme being who created the universe.

That's laughable.

This movie is so messed up!!

Orion Confederation member

Image:Saucer So the only atheists in the entire universe live on this planet. Watching this movie. Mocking Christians who believe in God. While the actual UFO entities portrayed in this movie really do believe in a supreme being who created the universe.


George Hunt Williamson, Other Tongues—Other Flesh, 1953, Amherst Press: Amherst, Wisconsin. The pagination given here is for the epub version I have and is very approximate.

John Keel, well known UFO investigator and Fortean, referred to these entities more correctly as ultraterrestrials after he rejected the extraterrestrial hypothesis. See his book UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse. He also linked UFOs to supernatural concepts such as monsters, ghosts and demons. Wikipedia.

There are a couple of very minor typographical corrections such as a missing "to" that have been made here.
The * at the beginning of the John Keel reference was no longer necessary.
I have not been able to amend these on the IMDb page as my edit counts for this review have been used up.
Apart from these very minor adjustments the above text is identical.


2/10 rating? Well there are some problems with this movie from a Christian perspective but I have seen a lot worse and this movie does have some humour. I had to give Movie 43 a 1 rating as 1 is the lowest rating you can give on IMDb. This movie doesn't deserve that. So I'm giving it a 2.

OK I'm getting in here before I get really trounced for my rating of 2/10. Yeah, in retrospect it's not really worth that much. I should have given this the minimum 1. The continual negative [and incorrect] view of Christian beliefs and downright mockery remove any positive comedy points. And there is little doubt that God is not happy with this movie. Which brings me to a very interesting thought—which I have not read in ANY review of this movie:

Remember the classic Batman scene where one person decides to blackmail Bruce's company for so many million dollars? What about God? Consider the following hypothetical conversation between Simon and Nick and one of God's followers....

"Now let me get this straight, Simon and Nick. You two guys want to make a comedy movie about God's followers and completely make a mockery of them and Him and their beliefs and how this universe came into being. And this deity, God, is the supreme being who brought this whole universe into existence, has all power, and knows everything including what you are planning to do, and spends His spare time completely trashing the powers of evil darkness in this world and is not even worn out doing this. And this is the Deity you want to make this mocking movie about? Well good luck with that one fellas!"

A family safe movie for the kids to watch and upholding Christian ideals? Definitely not.


Who was John Keel?

Who was George Hunt Williamson?

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