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Once again my response didn't match the words

Not that I am dyslexic but the two words just looked like blurred, bent and twisted bits of the alphabet in a jumbled mess that just about defied any type of recognition logic [OK the second word was actually reasonable]. The letters were English, but that was about all you could tell. And this was after rescrambling about 10 times. I did eventually get two words that you could actually read and I was finally able to progress satisfactorily with my new account application.

But I had finally had enough and wondered if other people were struggling with this web version of political madness to avoid what they call spider bots or something like that at the expense of everybody elses precious time. Lots and lots and lots of time. Wasted time. And I remembered a few pages I had walked away from in the past because a text recognition point could not be passed due to the difficulty of trying to unscramble and read a garbled and patchy vision of text. Or something that looked like text.
So here we are. This is my response.

Here it is!

Have you been getting too many visitors to your pages? Have too many people been making new accounts and losing you precious time that you would rather spend reading your e-mail?

We have the answer for you!


Our new text test software. Guaranteed to slow your visitors or customers down or at least have them go some where else.

Mostly somewhere else! There is just about no way they will get past this software. Have them guessing continually. See them squinting trying to figure out what the letters are! Are they letters? Or something else? They will be amazed! They will ask a friend or the person sitting next to them but it won't make any difference! Even the code breakers from Bletchley Park would be scratching their heads at the words our package will supply for your visitors to guess at!

Following is a sample screen of our software package and what it will look like on your web page. And your visitors or customers must supply the correct text displayed to progress. Yes, with this grouse piece of software your visitors will have absolutely no hope whatsoever!

Zonkya! Text Test Software Screen: Keep your customers completely stumped!

OK anyone think I'm crazy or just plain over-reacting? Well have I got a treat for you! I just stumbled across the actual screen shots I took of the original test that got me on the track to making this page. And now I am going to share them with you and see if any of you hotshot code-breakers out there can actually decipher the first word—I couldn't. And good luck. Maybe we could make some sort of competition out of this? Stephen.

Actual real signup screen I was looking at!

I didn't have much luck and found myself looking at the following message:

Actual real signup message I was given.

Just what is that first word???
Any takers on this? Let me know if anyone can actually crack this. Bletchley Park code breakers not allowed. But I suspect they might have a bit of trouble with this one too!!

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Stephen Buckley
Last revised: 8 Feb 2015.
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