The Heart of God

The Heart of God

Now note before reading this be very clear that this is not toning down the thought that the sanctuary on earth was symbolic of the one in heaven. That still stands and is very clear from the book of Hebrews. Here's the study:

The earthly sanctuary was SYMBOLIC of the Heart of God

The Hebrew Sanctuary in the wilderness

The earthly sanctuary was constructed with two compartments. The Holy Place and the Most Holy Place.
The human heart has mainly two compartments. This may be debatable but there is basically a left and right side.

Blood flowed through the earthly sanctuary. The daily sacrifices in the first apartment had the transfer of sin TO the sanctuary mainly by the blood the priests took into the apartment. Transfer of sin FROM the sanctuary was symbolically done again via blood offered by the High Priest on the Day of Atonement in the second apartment.
Blood flows through the human heart: in one side and out the other. Sin flowed through the sanctuary via the blood offered—in one apartment and out the other.

The Law of God in the heart. The new covenant states that God will write his laws [the Ten Commandments] in our hearts and minds.
The Ten Commandments were placed in the Ark of the Covenant which was in the second apartment of the earthly sanctuary.
So the Law of God is to be in our heart. The Law of God was in the Holy of Holies in the earthly sanctuary. The Law of God is very obviously in God's Heart.
The Law of God was in the earthly sanctuary. The Law of God is in God's Heart.

Jesus on cross

When Jesus died on the cross the temple curtain separating the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place in the earthly temple [sanctuary] was torn from top to bottom. It is clear from the Scriptures that the cross did not kill Jesus. He died of a broken heart. This is why the curtain was torn in the temple. It was symbolic of the Heart of God being broken. God's Heart was torn apart when Jesus died.

Temple curtain torn from top to bottom

Pics from

The Children's Friend: Pictures and Stories of the Life of Jesus
by Mrs. Adelaide Bee Evans
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Stephen Buckley
Last revised: 7 Apr 2013.